The Godkiller Campaign

Another Day, Another Dark Ritual

The characters head back to town, Grackil agreeing to help Mnoram reverse the desecration ritual that the sorcerer completed on the altar of Moradin.

While spending some time at the Hatrack, the local whiskey bar, Grackil and Trillibub meet Whistler Stonehammer and recruit him to assist in finding and dealing with the danger in the forest. Trillibub inquires if there’s anyone in town who could fashion some tiny arrows for him, but learns only that the local smith has a lack luster reputation.

The crew heads to the smith’s house to see if there’s anything they can do to motivate him so Trillibub can get some more arrows. They discover that he’s strung out on some sort of opiate-like drug and head to the local herbarium and alchemy shop to try and find some sort of antidote.

There they meet the local alchemist, Orestes, who provides the adventurers with healing potions and purchases some of the gems they found at the temple of Moradin. He seems to have a side business dealing in precious metals and gems, which isn’t surprising considering he’s a gnome.

After delivering the medicine to the smith and hanging around town for several days to make sure he got well, they made him promise to make some arrows for the group before heading out to the forest.



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