The Godkiller Campaign

The Adventure Begins

Our story opens in the town of Kent, a small settlement providing shelter for travelers on the long road between Ossburg to the north and Ashmont to the southwest. Three associates find themselves in this relatively quiet town and head to the Brew House for a pint and to gather some information on the local goings on.
In the Brew House, a large building housing both a brew pub and a large meeting space used by the townsfolk, the adventurers find cheap beer and a rowdy crowd of lumberjacks and mill workers. On the small stage at the back of the building stands a tall, dark complected man who’s eyes seem to flicker as he speaks. His fiery oration, describing unsafe conditions in the mill and new unseen dangers in the woods to the north, has the blue-collar crowd worked up, but there seems little likelihood of mob violence.
Grackil, a warrior in the service of Moradin, spots a few dwarves in the crowd and inquires about the speaker and the conditions that were mentioned in the speech. They seem put at ease in the presence of another dwarf, but even so tell Grackil that he should talk to Varial, the Mill Foreman.
The group approaches the stage, catching the eye of Varial, a tall thin man with skin unlike any they’ve ever seen; dark, but with a deep red hue beneath. Though he seems cordial enough, all of the adventurers get a strong sense that there’s something unusual about Varial.
As Varial explains the situation, the workers being effectively on strike due to a recent string of disappearances among the felling teams that work in the woods to the north, he tells the adventurers that though the workers have little coin to pay for their help, they can certainly compensate them somehow.

Bartender asks Grackil about a local dwarven priest, but it’s obvious he doesn’t know this dwarf.
speak with miller, are commissioned to clear out forest.
the party decides to visit Mnoram, the dwarven priest, before heading to the forest.
The party encounters a small group of demons on their way to the temple, which is located in the hills north of town.
Upon entering the “temple” of Moradin, it appears to be a deserted mine.
The party finds a few dwarf corpses, and eventually Mnoram, who is gravely injured. Grackil heals Mnoram, who tells him where to find the temple’s safe, with a cold-iron waraxe inside, a relic of Moradin.
The party finds more demons deeper into the mine, and when they arrive at Moradin’s altar, located inside a crystal-lined chamber, they discover a sorcerer and his dwarven bodyguard, completing a ritual to desecrate the temple.



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